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How to choose the right foreign teacher class

Source:www.waijiaocn.com Release time:2020年12月21日

More and more people try every means to learn a foreign language. Office workers, college students, housewives, people planning to study or travel abroad, and so on. Because of this, training institutions are also Primary Colors, looking at a wide range of training institutions is enough to make people dazzled, then summed up with Zhihu: When we choose English Training Institutions, we are choosing what?

1. Teaching Environment, 

The choice of teaching environment is very important. Can provide all-english teaching, so can spend a day in the English environment, can communicate with English for a long time, in such an environment can force themselves to speak. This is why many celebrities spend a lot of money to send their children to international schools. We can communicate with each other in English class, and discuss with each other in English through Qq group and Wechat after class. Such teaching environment will be more conducive to oral English learning. 

2, small class teaching,

For oral learning, class size should not be too much, not too little, class size is too much, the teacher can not take care of over, a class down, some students answered and some students did not. Using small class teaching mode, so that a foreign teacher can take care of each student, correct students'mistakes in time, so that the teacher will be corrected after the memory will be profound, more conducive to learning.

3. Stable teacher,

Whether the teacher is stable or not determines its teaching effect, a responsible training institution will not change the teacher frequently. Changing teachers frequently is not the same as changing teachers intentionally so that students can experience different styles of teaching. Not only will there be no new gains, and may make students all of a sudden difficult to adapt to the new teacher's teaching mode, thinking. 

4. Audition, the most important thing.

Although when we get to know an organization, we look at the school profile, we ask the course consultant, it all feels great, and we don't know how to tell the difference. And the audition is the best way to understand an organization, class, classroom atmosphere, teacher level and so on at a glance. Of course, it is better to attend a formal class rather than a specially arranged audition, which often involves a lot of water. All the regular students'classes are open to the public without any modification to restore the original classroom appearance, so that the students really feel the professional teaching of foreign teachers, and then choose the courses they want to study.

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