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Standardizing the market of foreign teachers

Source:www.waijiaocn.com Release time:2020年12月28日

Standardizing the market of foreign teachers

Earlier, a number of foreign teachers in a foreign language training institution were arrested for taking drugs, and the frequent problems of foreign teachers stirred up a pool of spring water in China's foreign teacher market. Considering that foreign teachers suspected of child molestation worked in Chinese schools before, we have to reflect: it's time to regulate the foreign teacher market.

"If you are a white person who can speak English, you can definitely find a job teaching English in China. Even if you have no work experience, no teacher's license, no work visa, many schools are still willing to hire you. " It is understood that this is a "famous saying" circulating in the industry. There are many problems in the foreign teacher Market: blind trust in "white face", respect for native English speaking foreign teachers, and blind expectation of international teaching. And some foreign teachers without teaching experience, teaching enthusiasm and professionalism often have problems, which really slaps the face of reality.

Only by tracing the source of the original and finding out the reasons for the chaos in the foreign teacher market can we rectify it fundamentally. With the upsurge of studying abroad, the types of courses that need to be taught by foreign teachers are also on the rise. They have expanded from TOEFL and IELTS, which teach English tests, to prequalification courses or prequalification courses in American universities. There is a great demand for foreign teachers in the training industry, while qualified and high-quality foreign teachers are scarce. According to reports, the huge scissors gap between supply and demand has limited the foreign teacher market, and there is little room for schools or institutions to choose from. As a result, there is a phenomenon of signing a contract for employment after a few simple interviews in some places.

It is understood that in some places, with the same position, working hours and courses, the treatment of foreign teachers is generally higher than that of local foreign language teachers, while the low threshold of "foreign teacher access" makes some foreign teachers have the illusion of being superior. Some foreign teachers, with the mentality of coming to China to play, find a school to earn some money during their travel, and then pat their buttocks to leave. Or on the pretext of not adapting to "performance orientation", they dislike that the treatment is not good enough and regard serious education as a joke. The high flow rate of foreign teachers is due to the reasons of foreign teachers themselves, and the intermediary or recruitment company is also involved. According to the work permit system for foreigners in China, foreign language teachers must have a bachelor's degree or above and two years of working experience in language education before they can obtain a work permit. In principle, they should engage in the teaching of their mother tongue. When foreign teachers become a business, according to the media survey, some intermediary agencies, in order to obtain commission by any means, do not hesitate to cajole, try their best to cater to foreign teachers, and even help foreign teachers fabricate fake diplomas and illegally handle teaching certificates. The implementation of the regulations of relevant departments is also discounted. Lack of supervision to some extent, so that illegal intermediary free to drill. So find a reliable intermediary company to avoid the occurrence of such incidents. Our company has been engaged in the foreign teacher intermediary business for more than ten years, with rich experience and foreign teacher screening and management system, to ensure that foreign teachers in line with laws and regulations, complete certificates.

When employing foreign teachers, employers should also strengthen the examination of their qualifications, improve the evaluation system of foreign teachers' teaching effect, and ensure the good employment. In the future, we should establish a platform for foreign teachers' expert information and public employment, implement foreign teachers' qualification evaluation and registration and hierarchical employment guidance, and employ outstanding foreign teachers in an open, transparent and sunny way.

When the reality of the scarcity of foreign teachers is improved, when the employers choose talents reasonably, when the regulatory department rewards and punishments appropriately and has laws to follow, when the intermediary companies fulfill their duties, and when the parents reduce some blindness and anxiety, we dare to say to our children that we have given you the best education support.

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