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Looking for foreign teachers to choose the advantages of intermediary companies

Source:www.waijiaocn.com Release time:2020年12月31日

Looking for foreign teachers to choose the advantages of intermediary companies

More and more foreign teachers are willing to work in China. On the one hand, there is a large gap for foreign teachers at home. On the other hand, it shows that China is more attractive in the world.

When some enterprises or schools are looking for foreign teachers, in fact, many enterprises have already run into difficulties outside. The situations they encounter are as follows:

1. Looking for many ways, but still did not find a suitable foreign teacher.

2. It takes time and effort to find foreign teachers, so it is difficult to complete the recruitment of foreign teachers within the specified time.

3. The cost is too high, and it is usually difficult to find foreign teachers within budget control.

4. It's difficult to do background investigation, etc., and it's easy to find irresponsible foreign teachers.


Problems like the above,

The benefits of finding foreign teachers through intermediary cooperation will be reflected. Our company has been professionally recommending foreign teachers for more than ten years, so we have comparative advantages in finding foreign teachers, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Large institutions, more than ten years of school history, has a wealth of foreign teachers resources. No matter what kind of teachers you want to find and what kind of foreign teachers you need, you can match the right foreign teachers for you in the shortest time.

2. Cost effective. There are too many private intermediaries in the market. Why do consumers have no choice? It has something to do with the cost. Many institutions introduce foreign teachers at low prices. In fact, most of them don't know much about the industry, and there is no way to guarantee the quality of foreign teachers. They even can't handle the procedures of foreign teachers in the later stage. Some are charging more for various late services. These will not exist in our company, because we are not only doing business, we are mainly doing word-of-mouth. This is the foundation for an enterprise to have a long-term foothold.

3. The quality of foreign teachers is excellent. Every foreign teacher looking for a job in Ruiyang needs to go through strict inspection and screening. In line with the concept of being responsible for users, we only provide high-quality foreign teachers.

4. Good after sales service. It doesn't matter to find a good foreign teacher? This kind of foreign teacher recruitment is not responsible, as long as the foreign teacher is still working in your organization, we will serve you.

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