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How to look at foreign teachers, this is very important, can not be ignored!

Source:www.waijiaocn.com Release time:2021年01月04日

Foreign Teachers, or an important indicator of international schools, are developing rapidly

especially in the more developed regions such as Beijing-tianjin-hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta. But for parents of students, how to choose has become a new problem. If teaching philosophy is hard to understand in the short term, international faculty might be better placed to help parents make the right choices. For any educational institution, the teacher power is undoubtedly an important indicator resource. Faculty strength may be even more important for international schools that are committed to creating foreign teaching experiences and cultivating talents with a global vision. The quality of teaching staff in educational institutions is reflected in the systematic teaching and training of large-scale institutions and their experienced teaching staff. International School Quality Teachers also need to have such basic conditions, but in addition to the international school there is an even more important point is the composition of foreign teachers. As the front position for students to adapt and prepare for studying abroad, the specialization and enrichment of foreign teachers'team in international schools will be an important guarantee for them to create high-quality overseas teaching experience. As a transitional platform between China and overseas, the International School Faculty also includes the balanced composition of Chinese and foreign teachers. There should be not only a considerable number of foreign teachers, but also a sufficient number of Chinese teachers. The aim is to ensure that all students can smoothly and smoothly adapt and prepare to the teaching atmosphere and environment overseas, without any displeasure or resistance to the whole teaching and training process.

Nowadays, it seems that all international schools are emphasizing and promoting their advanced teaching concepts, systematic curriculum or more international travel opportunities. In this case, the majority of students parents may wish to take the school teachers as the international school to measure and select the reference basis. 

Assigning teaching to ensure the stability of foreign teaching teams 

"foreign teachers" are the core resources of international schools, but also many international schools are facing a headache. "The recruitment of foreign teachers is restricted by many conditions. Their educational background, work experience, sense of responsibility, work quality and whether they can adapt to the Chinese environment have brought great difficulties to management. " Many international schools face the problem of irregular and frequent migration of foreign teachers. Foreign teachers or "stragglers" , or "United Nations Command" , will have a direct impact on the quality of teaching in international schools. Oh, Shit

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