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Against Illegal Foreign Teachers, regulate the intermediary market not all "blonde" foreigners can b

Source:www.waijiaocn.com Release time:2021年01月05日

Against Illegal Foreign Teachers, regulate the intermediary market not all "blonde" foreigners can become foreign teachers. 

It has long been a rule in China that foreign teachers employed in China must have a work permit for foreigners to work in China, a bachelor's degree or above and at least 2 years of relevant work experience. Abide by Chinese laws and regulations, good health, no criminal record, etc. . Among them, those who have obtained a bachelor's degree or above in education, language or teacher training, or a teacher's qualification certificate in the host country or an international language teaching certificate meeting the requirements may be exempted from the work experience requirement. 

If you do not meet these conditions, just with a "foreign face" foreign teachers engaged in the work of foreigners, is not the regular "black foreign teacher. "Black Foreign Teachers" abound in educational institutions engaged in education and training work, the consequences can be imagined. Not only does it affect the quality of teaching, but their level of spoken English and teaching is not necessarily as high as that of native English teachers. It is easy for a foreigner to find a job as a foreign teacher, but more is the blind worship of foreign teachers by Chinese parents. And most of the educational institutions in the market, are more by the foreign teacher and dance the "sword" , that is, only to have foreign teachers, regardless of the effectiveness of foreign teachers. So our unit in the recruitment of foreign teachers on the issue must be bright-eyed, choose formal institutions through the legal channels to hire foreign teachers, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

Please apply for work permit and residence permit in time, more procedures, welcome to consult, teacher Feng: 13238712285

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