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How to choose a good foreign teacher

Source:www.waijiaocn.com Release time:2021年01月06日

How to choose a good foreign teacher

 1. Teaching qualifications of foreign teachers What's good about foreign English teachers? How to judge whether you are a good foreign teacher? Not everyone who can speak English can teach English, and one-on-one teachers of spoken English foreign teachers have to pass certain training and examinations, so it is best to find foreign teachers with internationally recognized English teaching qualification certificates. Generally, you can have an audition before signing up, and listen to see if the pronunciation of foreign teachers is authentic. This is the first step. 

2. Stability of foreign teachers During the first one-on-one oral English communication class with foreign teachers, you can ask them how long they have been teaching, whether they like this position or not, and how long they will stay here. If you change to a foreign teacher after half of your study, it will have some influence. In addition, we can find out from other parents and classmates who have already attended classes in this institution whether the foreign teachers here are stable. Many educational institutions frequently change foreign teachers and tell parents that this can expose their children to different spoken pronunciations, which is of course nonsense. I hope we should pay more attention to this point. 

3. Teaching quality of foreign teachers Before choosing an educational institution, you can listen to the foreign teacher's class, observe whether his accent and class style meet your requirements, and find a one-on-one teacher who is suitable for your spoken English foreign teacher. This is the key point

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