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Advantages of foreign teachers' courses​

Source:www.waijiaocn.com Release time:2021年01月12日

Advantages of foreign teachers' courses

1. Learn to understand English spoken by foreigners. 

The first step in learning any language is listening. Our first ability to learn a language is to understand people around us. In the pure English environment, we can only try to figure out the content of the teacher's speech slowly. Once we have accumulated a certain amount, we can understand the content of the teacher's speech slowly. 

2. Learn correct pronunciation and intonation. 

The pronunciation of oral communication is very important. If the pronunciation is inaccurate, it is difficult for others to understand or misunderstand the speaker's meaning. Intonation is also important, and different intonations have different meanings. It is said that a foreigner came to China and spoke Shaanxi dialect. One question was to learn Chinese from a Chinese from Shanxi in America. To learn Chinese, we should learn Mandarin from Chinese, and to learn foreign languages, we should also learn standard pronunciation and intonation from foreigners. 

3. Learn the correct expressions on different occasions. 

Language covers all the contents of people's life. People's lives in different countries are very different, and the etiquette of people's communication is also different. Therefore, one cannot directly translate one's mother tongue into other countries' languages. For example, when Chinese people eat together, one person will go first and say to others, "Take your time."

4. Students' mistakes should be corrected in time.

 Oral English can't be taught by oneself. Practice oral English requires more than two people to communicate. Just like our mother tongue from primary school, parents ask and children answer. Children's pronunciation is inaccurate, and parents constantly correct it. Children say wrong sentences, and adults will teach them the correct way. 

5. Practice the speed of communication. Normal communication with foreigners requires speed. If you don't understand it for a long time or spend a long time expressing it, it will affect the normal communication. Never express, to express fragments, and finally to express fluently. Everyone has to go through this process.

 6. Help students build self-confidence in learning English.

 Chinese students are frustrated in the process of learning English, and even think that they have no ability to learn English. Students often ask, "Why do you know how to speak when you see foreigners after learning English for so long?" Due to the long-term examination system, the purpose of education revolves around the examination, without the most basic part of listening and speaking in learning a language. Only foreign teachers can teach this part well. At the same time, foreign teachers like to encourage and praise students. They believe that students' self-confidence is built in praise.

 7. The classroom atmosphere of foreign teachers is very good. 

Foreign teachers are active in character, the relationship between teachers and students is peaceful, and students can easily approach teachers. In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, students' learning emotions are more easily mobilized.

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