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The foreign teacher market can't be "outside without teaching"

Source:www.waijiaocn.com Release time:2021年01月15日

The foreign teacher market can't be "outside without teaching"

         Many people think that foreign languages, especially spoken foreign languages, are authentic only if they are taught abroad. To this end, "foreign teachers" have become live advertisements for enrollment in many educational institutions in recent years. Some "British and American foreign teachers" courses are expensive: "500 yuan per hour" and "6 unit classes are 12,229 yuan" ... However, with the hot foreign teachers market, The high course fees do not match. There is a mixed phenomenon in the foreign teachers team. Some foreign teachers even have "no foreign education" and only one ",

        The existence of a large number of "black foreign teachers" not only makes it difficult to guarantee the quality of foreign language training, but also seriously increases the difficulty of management, and even brings hidden dangers to the personal safety of minors.

       According to the work permit system for foreigners coming to China, foreign language teaching personnel belong to Class B foreign professionals, who must have a bachelor's degree or above and have more than 2 years' experience in language education before they can obtain a work permit. In principle, they should engage in mother tongue teaching in their native country. However, in reality, some unscrupulous institutions such as unscrupulous intermediaries help foreigners forge relevant qualification certificates; Non-professional foreigners can enter the country through a tourist visa and leave after a few months of teaching; Training institutions have "turned a blind eye" to foreign teachers' various materials and qualifications; Training institutions, unscrupulous intermediaries and non-professional foreigners collude with each other, and users also have them ... All these have discounted the implementation of relevant national regulations, resulting in a large number of "black foreign teachers". 

          Foreign teachers' market can't be "without teaching". First of all, it is necessary to strengthen the supervision and punishment of intermediary institutions and training institutions, and urge them to operate legally and according to regulations. Secondly, we should implement the registration of foreign teachers' qualification assessment and graded employment guidance, establish foreign teachers' information and public employment platform, and strengthen the supervision of foreign teachers' market through public disclosure of information. In this way, the "black foreign teachers" can take advantage of themselves, and ensure students' peace of mind in learning foreign languages and parents' expenses.

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