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How should Xi 'an foreign teachers choose?

Source:www.waijiaocn.com Release time:2021年01月18日

How should Xi 'an foreign teachers choose?

There are many foreigners in Xi 'an. Many of these foreigners are foreign teachers. Foreign teachers guide us to learn English better. Because foreign teachers have great differences in English sense and daily spoken English from Chinese teaching methods, how should we choose suitable foreign teachers in Xi 'an? Xiaobian takes everyone to have a look.

1. Are there enough highlights in the curriculum planning?

Curriculum design and planning is the biggest highlight in teaching, because teaching is a process of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. It is necessary to know whether the curriculum design of foreign teachers is suitable for students to learn. Although English will not change, in order to cater to the development of society, many courses should be designed to be novel and have their own highlights.

2. Feedback from previous students 

There are many foreign teachers who can learn English, so how to find the right one among many foreign teachers? First of all, we can know the feedback from previous students. Each student has a certain understanding of what he has learned and the teacher's ability and passing rate. Therefore, we must check the feedback from previous students in advance when choosing IELTS training class.

3. Is the teacher's teaching level high or not 

The foreign teacher's teaching level is very important, which determines whether he is qualified for this English training job. The teacher should not only have excellent personal level, but also have good teaching level. Personal level and teaching level are different. After all, teaching level and teaching experience determine children's learning efficiency and achievements.

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